12 December 2016

Introducing Workflow Routes – a power feature that lifts Glide above the competition

Today we have a video from Ben Norwell, one of Glide’s co-founders. Join Ben as he explains one the features that really lifts Glide above the competition. The ability to have multiple routes through the same workflow elements, thus allowing […]
12 December 2016

How To: Add additional client custom fields

Today we have a video showing you how to add additional custom client fields to your client summary screens
11 December 2016

How To: Remove a stage from a workflow route

In today’s video Ben from Glide explains how to remove a stage from a workflow route
10 December 2016

How to: Changing the default ‘system active’ setting

In today’s tutorial video Ben Norwell explains how to change the critical ‘system active’ setting for clients.
15 September 2016

Digita and CCH users see how Paul enhanced his practice management with Glide

Digita and CCH users -> See how Paul enhanced his practice management with integrated workflow and dashboards [new add on release].
6 September 2016

Glide Time September update: Effortlessly monitor profitability of recurring fees setup in Xero

Whilst the rest of the world has been on holiday we’ve taken the time to tick off a couple of the most commonly requested features for our Time and Fees add on, being advance billing and two way invoice sync […]
21 February 2016

Hearing this same story over and over led us to the release of the Glide time add on.

Ben officially announces the arrival of Glide time and recaps a typical client meeting that led to our decision to build the system.
1 January 2016

What’s a Glide dashboard?

In today’s video Ben from Glide demonstrates exactly what a Glide dashboard is, and how it can be used to display customised information for each user.