26 June 2018
New filters

Powerful new options for Glide’s E-mail and SMS alerts

  We are pleased to release a series of new features for our alerts that have been highly requested since the initial launch of alerts. As […]
26 June 2017

Template driven e-mail and SMS automation comes to Glide along with multiple contacts

Overview: Glide’s e-mail and SMS sending features have been radically upgraded, now offering the ability to create templates that include fields representing all of the data […]
26 January 2017

Glide Scheduler Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of Glide Scheduler, a visual staff allocation system fully integrated with Glide.
25 January 2017

New workflow frequencies for payroll + client specific automated targets

Ben explains three subtle new features that were uploaded at various points during late December / January 2017, including two new payroll frequencies, a client specific target setting action and route specific widgets for tax job progress.
18 September 2015

I’ll send an SMS to the world…..

… I hope that someone gets my, message on their iPhone, yeah! Okay, poor Sting impersonations aside, this is clearly to inform of a new feature […]
12 September 2015

Prioritising workflow within your Accounting firm – Part 2/4

In the first part of this four part blog we discussed the basic building blocks of a workflow route; the stages, progress buttons and workflow actions. […]
3 September 2015

Prioritising workflow within your Accounting firm – Part 1/4

What client work should I, or my colleagues, focus on right now? The ability to accurately answer this question is key to a happy client base. The ability […]