2 November 2018
New report writer

Two new report writers added to Glide.

We are pleased to release V1 of our new report writer(s) to the Glide system. The original Glide system was laser focused on workflow, ensuring client […]
26 June 2017

Template driven e-mail and SMS automation comes to Glide along with multiple contacts

Overview: Glide’s e-mail and SMS sending features have been radically upgraded, now offering the ability to create templates that include fields representing all of the data […]
30 April 2017
Google Drive

Store documents with Glide

We are very pleased to announce that our integration with Google Drive is now live, providing a way to store documents and files against your Glide clients, jobs and users.
26 January 2017

Glide Scheduler Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of Glide Scheduler, a visual staff allocation system fully integrated with Glide.
6 September 2016

Glide Time September update: Effortlessly monitor profitability of recurring fees setup in Xero

Whilst the rest of the world has been on holiday we’ve taken the time to tick off a couple of the most commonly requested features for […]
12 November 2015

Connecting Glide to your existing client database (integration using the Glide API and PHP)

This tutorial will demonstrate how to integrate Glide with your existing client database. Thus eliminating the need to update both systems when you get a new […]