Summer 2021 – New features and improvements

With summer upon us we're delighted to update you on the latest new features and improvements made to Glide.

We're announcing a variety of improvements from a new detailed Scheduler mode that shows your appointment notes on the calendar itself, to a big visual overhaul to the editor that eases the creation of new workflows, to a new deadline very relevant to those with clients based in Northern Ireland.

We'd love to hear your feedback on these new features, both to help us tweak them to perfection, and indeed to help us plan for the next batch of new features.

New Scheduler view - full size event blocks

You can now see your detailed notes directly on the Scheduler calendar. This ensures those all important notes are easily visible without needing to click into each scheduler item.

To turn this feature on go to the 'Config' tab of your user profile. This is a user specific option and disabled by default.

Additionally we have options on a per user basis to disable word-wrap on the Scheduler, and to show weekends.

In our experience those customers that use the Scheduler tend to go 'all-in' and manage appointment planning for their entire practice using the tool. If you are curious but yet to try the Glide Scheduler, please feel free to request a demo of the feature. You may well discover that you no longer need an additional staff scheduling tool.


Workflow Editor - enhanced visuals and dialogs

We have released an updated version of our workflow editor, this is the tool that allows you to make changes to existing workflows and indeed create an unlimited amount of new custom workflows.

This update enhances the visuals, provides better compatibility across different browsers and includes an adjustment to better space out the step buttons connected to stages.

If you were unaware that Glide offers the possibility of creating your own workflows please do contact us for a demo of this feature. We have customers who have created their own workflows that are vastly more comprehensive than the default Glide workflows. The possibilities really are endless.


Other new features, improvements and bug fixes

  • New feature: Send bulk SMS via clients list page.
  • Improvement: Massive speedup for Google Drive integration.
  • Improvement: Better defaults for bulk sending on clients list page.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where trying to include more than 56 fields on a report would fail.
  • Improvement: Editor dialogs now have a consistent look and feel.
  • Improvement: Deleting a user dashboard now updates the position of other dashboards in series.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with UK Tax Credits deadline that walked forward to working day not back.
  • New feature: Added Northern Ireland specific bank holidays to deadline generation code
  • New feature: Added NI - Solicitors Accounts Regulations (2014) deadline.
  • New feature: Added office filter to Billing Summary screen.
  • New feature: Added office filter to Client Profitability screen.
  • New feature: Added office filter to Fees Report screen.

  • New feature: Added office filter to Time Analysis screen.

  • Improvement: SMS sent/received data now displayed better on Messaging Centre screen.
  • Bug fix: Hid MyDocSafe integration tab when entity is an address.

Should you have ideas for how we can further improve Glide please do let us know via the 'Help -> Feature Requests' option in your Glide system. While we can't promise to add all requests we will certainly aim to add the most popular requests.

Our goal is to ensure Glide remains the most efficient and effective way to manage your practice, your advice and recommendations are critical in ensuring Glide remains the best in the business.

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