I’ll send an SMS to the world…..

… I hope that someone gets my, message on their iPhone, yeah!

Okay, poor Sting impersonations aside, this is clearly to inform of a new feature to come out of Glide HQ, more specifically the ability to send SMS.

We can’t take the credit here, this was a request from an innovative new client who clearly sees technology as playing a key supporting role in keeping his clients happy and well informed. Very much in tune with the Glide ethos. We hadn’t previously considered this, however, following a little research and thoughts to real life comparisons we quickly saw the reasoning.

We won’t bore you with stats but a lot of e-mails don’t get opened, indeed they may find their way into spam or other black holes, meanwhile receiving an SMS is actually becoming a bit of a novelty and certainly something that is, assuming you have the correct phone number, guaranteed to benefit from 5-10 seconds of your clients attention.

A flick down my recent SMS show that our client was not alone in looking for such a solution; hotel bookings, medical reminders, banking alerts and real time options relating to my Amazon deliveries revealed that at least 90% of my prior two months inbox related to important B2C communications that I was genuinely grateful to receive. Clearly you can’t dress up an SMS in corporate branding nor do lots of things taken for granted in the e-mail format, however, increasingly empty SMS inboxes up and down the country appear to have created the perfect medium for factual, important business messages to be sent to existing clients. Great news.

So what can you do?

Well so far we have a ‘send SMS’ workflow action, so this can be added to any progress button on any workflow route. E.g. “Just to confirm we have now submitted your Accounts to Companies House”.

In addition you can establish alerts/triggers to fire an SMS within a certain proximity before/after either the workflow date (year end, VAT quarter end etc) or any deadline. This will shortly be filterable to just scenarios where the deadline has/has not been completed and for year end triggers where the job has yet to reach a certain stage. E.g. “Please bring in your records to avoid a fine of £x” etc.

Please do get in touch if you are also interested in this functionality.

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