The most configurable workflow engine ever created

Glide's workflow engine has been built specifically for accounting firms. While many accounting firms provide similar services the reality is that differing client bases and business models mean that every firm operates in a very individual way. Our experience at tailoring Glide for almost 200 accounting firms has allowed our workflow engine's capabilities to constantly expand to cater for typical variations. We expand on some of the key options here.

Client/staff E-mail/SMS alerts and updates

Our comprehensive template system can trigger E-mail and SMS messages both externally and internally, triggered manually, by job progress or linked to a date.

Automate targets and turnaround reporting

Automate targets

Glide's target date system is a great way to ensure that work is carried out in line with the service level you expect to provide. Every stage of every job has a field for a target date and whilst you can set these manually the best option is to have the dates triggered automatically using workflows actions on your various routes. The sheer number of options available sets Glide apart from other systems, it is not sufficient to set a series of dates only for them to become irrelevant once a delay is incurred.
Target setting workflow actions can be triggered on job creation, on removal of a job from the pool or whenever you press a progress button.
Targets can be set for any number of days +/- the current date, the job date (year end, pay date etc), any custom job field or any deadline. Workflow actions are linked to a route meaning you can differ the number of days for groups of clients and the advanced editor includes the ability to derive the number of days from a client field meaning it can be client specific with a default where the field is empty.

Unbeatable visibility over job progress and priorities

Glide was built to provide visibility, reassurance and peace of mind for portfolio holders within an Accounting Firm. It is critical that partners, managers and any other portfolio holders can see precisely the information they need to satisfy themselves that the firm is maintaining service levels and completing work in both a client friendly fashion and in advance of any statutory deadlines. Glide combination of dashboards and reports provide this, they have all been built specifically for Accounting Firms.
Some example widgets

Standardise your procedures

As firms grow the need arises to split into teams, departments and potentially offices; established firms increasingly seek growth through mergers and acquisitions. Inevitably the risk arises that different working practices may emerge and it is important that control and consistency are retained as firms evolve.

A well developed workflow system allows differentiation between teams, departments and offices to reflect their differences but enforces consistency where necessary so as to minimise risk within the firm.

Automatic job creation

Often spreadsheets and workflow systems rely on the Accountant to roll forward jobs and create the next period manually. Glide works on the basis that you have to remember to add the new client and that is it, all recurring jobs are automatically created by the system regardless of the status of previous jobs and all statutory deadlines are automatically calculated.