Progress buttons

When users view a job card they will simply press one of the progress buttons available on that stage, there will be one visible for each step you have leaving a stage. For example in the image above jobs that are on the stage Queries with client would have a button called Queries chased and a button called Queries resolved. A one-click approach makes it very simply to keep the system up to date. Importantly users are not only confirming completion of a stage but by choosing a labelled option they are also confirming exactly what has happened. In accordance with your configuration the job can then be moved onto the correct stage and any number of workflow actions can be triggered.

Workflow actions

Workflow actions add further control and vast possibilities for automation to your workflows. On job creation, on taking a job from the pool or when any progress button is pressed you can configure Glide to execute any number of workflow actions. These can simple such as passing a job to a different team member or setting target dates. As your workflows grow you can also automate a large amount of routine communications through automated e-mail/SMS sending, share information with other programs through webhooks and create linked jobs. Workflow actions also provide control in the form of traffic lights which can block any progress button until criteria is met such as a field being completed or a linked job progressing.

Job boards

Visualise your teams workload with our configurable job boards. Easily see who has too many or too few jobs to complete.


Each user can create any number of highly configurable dashboards. A wide range of widgets give users an instant overview of job progress, upcomign targets and deadlines for both template and custom workflows. Filter widgets to report on an entire practice, an office, a users portfolio of clients or the jobs they are holding.

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