Understand client and job profitability

Glide's time and fees add on is a very logical extension to the workflow engine. With your clients and jobs already on Glide, the Glide time add on provides a series of easy to use interfaces to record the amount of time the team is spending on each client. The profession has transferred to largely fixed and value based fees and the main purpose of the system is to allow you to monitor the profitability of these fees.

Recording time is easy

Work in progress

Chargeable time, expenses and any advance time entries are recorded into a WIP ledger. Fixed and recurring fees can be billed quickly. The WIP ledger remains the best way to ensure that you recover fees for those one off and ad-hoc assignments as well as ensuring resources are matched to the correct fees for longer term assignments.

Advanced billings

When raising a fee in advance of work being completed or increasingly when raising a monthly fee regardless of when work is undertaken you need to be able to allocate some of all of the income as an advance billing. Glide allows for this, the advance fees can then be redeemed on future bills or re-allocations to ensure that the profitability of the firm is recorded in the correct period.


Record expenses into the WIP ledger to ensure they are either charged for or at least considered when assessing the profitability of the client. Expenses are included in WIP and are factored into any recoverability calculations performed by Glide.

Xero integration