Glide Scheduler Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of Glide Scheduler, a Glide designed and developed, fully integrated add-on for Glide Workflow users.

Scheduler allows resources to be allocated on a visual staff planner system. You can very easily see where there is potential idle time to be filled and the lock feature allows for resources to be ‘booked’ in a very controlled way, avoiding any conflicting bookings.

A lot of our users were explaining that the staff planner is currently maintained in Excel which bring a lot of day to day difficulties, some were looking at other cloud based scheduling solutions and querying if we could integrate with them.

With our philosophy of focussing on a single business problem, the decision to build another program, as opposed to offering integrations, was not taken lightly. In this case we felt the potential benefits of having the two products highly interwoven were simply too good to ignore.

At a basic level of course Glide contains the clients and jobs; however, this is true of many integration opportunities. More relevant here is the more advanced reporting opportunities that should become available in the future. For example, a scheduling system can show you when your staff are working and highlight the risk of downtime. A scheduling system in Glide can do this but in addition can also look at the jobs, see when they need to be completed by and start to warn you should the available capacity appear too low.

Hence we feel the combined products will work very well together.

From the start the system includes the following features:

  • Web based visual staff planner offering multi user access.
  • Daily (15 min slots), weekly (hourly slots), monthly and annual (daily slots) views of the same planner.
  • Drag and drop for ultra quick staff allocation.
  • Easy allocation to Glide clients/jobs and a user.
  • Add notes, set colours, pin or lock the slot.
  • Locked slots can only be unlocked by the user that locked it (or SU)!
  • Allocate time for training, holiday etc.

We know that many users do not require this functionality, as a result of this we shall charge separately for the add on module. Glide Scheduler has been prices at £3 per user per month for early adopters. Competing systems appeared to average around £9 per user per month so we hope this will encourage firms to deploy the system and help us to develop the more advanced features that are clearly possible.

If you wish to deploy Glide Scheduler on your system just get in touch with a member of the team.


01733 602 280

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