Digita and CCH users see how Paul enhanced his practice management with Glide

Digita and CCH users -> See how Paul enhanced his practice management with integrated workflow and dashboards [new add on release].

About a year ago we met Paul. Paul’s story, recounted below, became so common that we are pleased today to be officially releasing a series of connectors that will provide real time integration between the most commonly used practice suites and the Glide system.

Paul had been running his practice for about 10 years. Around 5 years ago he invested in a popular integrated suite with the idea being to have all software ‘under one roof’. In many respects the decision has been a resounding success as compliance applications share data to save time here and there and reduce the risk of errors or omissions.

Paul was able to grow the practice rapidly and today his team of 6 serve almost 400 clients.

So why did we hear from Paul?

The answer was simply that as the practice grew Paul increasingly needed a reliable way to track workflow, more so he needed management information that would help him serve the 400th client with the same individual service as he had given the 40th. Without this his reputation would start to erode and growth stall.

At this point the integrated suite fell on its sword. The reality is that one team can only really have one focus and for the integrated suite developers this is quite rightly very much on getting the compliance right.

Fortunately with the increasing popularity of cloud based practice software so comes a return to the ‘best of breed’ approach to software selection. Paul had already started to use Xero for his practice accounts, adding Glide to the mix seemed like a logical extension.

For any cloud based provider making a best of breed tool integration is akin to the veins of the human body, it allows data to circulate effortlessly meaning each organ can perform its duties. Far from fearing the effects of competition, the ecosystem created by this attitude to integration is critical to the overall success.

Our Digita and CCH connectors poll the onsite suite and create or update this clients data in the cloud ecosystem. Not just in Glide, they also check Companies House for key information and populate other services such as Xero.

Around 10 practices have kindly been kindly using the connectors for around a year and we’re pleased to finally add them to the website and we hope they help to kick start a new era of the combined suite and ecosystem.

Here’s a summary of the current Glide add ons and connectors:

Summary of current Glide add ons and integrations

Summary of current integrations and add ons


The Iris connector is currently in development


  1. Hi there, I’m on Iris and hate their Pm, time & fees module although i value their compliance soft ware and believe integration is really imoorland. . I’m on xero for my accounts. Do you, or will you have a solution for me?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Carole,

      We are in the process of developing a connector for Iris. We’ll be sure to make a blog entry when this is ready.

      I can confirm the Xero integration is available now.

      Do let us know if we can assist further.

      Kind regards,


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