Your data is securely stored on our servers at Memset Ltd. Memset are an award winning British hosting firm with over 12 years of experience. All data is stored in the United Kingdom, at data centres either side of Reading, Berkshire.

You can read about Memset on their site here:

Additionally, they have detailed information regarding their data centres here:

We have used Memset for over 4 years now, and are entirely satisfied with their performance and reliability.

Our system is automatically backed up daily by Memset. Additionally, we take daily backups of your data ourselves which can be restored if necessary.

The only people with access to your data are those to whom you give user accounts. With your permission we are able to log into your system to repair any mistakes you may have made.

We do not store your credit card details or banking details. Any payment agreement is made through a third party such as GoCardless or Paypal.