2 January 2017

Learn how to use the job report screen

In today’s video we have a short explanation on how to use the job reporting screen. This is where you can see at a glance a list of the jobs on your Glide system. Extensive filters are available to specifically […]
30 December 2016

What do we mean by ‘workflow’? – allow us to explain

Workflow is a generalised term that can mean many things. At Glide, we’re proud to offer arguably the most in-depth workflow engine available on the market today. Workflow and process management is at the heart of everything Glide does. We […]
27 December 2016

Exploring the ‘client card’ in Glide

Join Ben Norwell, Glide’s co-founder, to learn about the client card screen in Glide. Ben goes into detail explaining each part of the screen and how it helps you manage your client data efficiently and effectively.
16 December 2016

How to remove a stage from a workflow route

In today’s video Ben Norwell from Glide explains how to remove a stage from a workflow route.
16 December 2016

The Job Card – An intro to one of the key screens in Glide

Today Ben Norwell from Glide gives you an introduction to the job card screen in Glide, which is a key screen, both showing detailed information for a job, and enabling you to move the job stage onwards.
16 December 2016

How To: Configure Client Fields on Job Workflows

In today’s video Glide’s Ben Norwell discusses configuring client fields on the workflow tabs of the client card
16 December 2016

How to: Undo accidental stage progress

In today’s video Ben Norwell explains how easy it is to undo stage progress in Glide if you have accidentally clicked the progress button.
15 December 2016

How To: Change the auto creation date on workflow

In today’s video we Ben from Glide explains how to change the ‘auto creation date’ on workflows.