26 June 2017

Template driven e-mail and SMS automation comes to Glide along with multiple contacts

Overview: Glide’s e-mail and SMS sending features have been radically upgraded, now offering the ability to create templates that include fields representing all of the data stored against your clients and jobs. As before messages can be triggered via a […]
30 April 2017
Google Drive

Store documents with Glide

We are very pleased to announce that our integration with Google Drive is now live, providing a way to store documents and files against your Glide clients, jobs and users.
26 January 2017

Glide Scheduler Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of Glide Scheduler, a visual staff allocation system fully integrated with Glide.
25 January 2017

New workflow frequencies for payroll + client specific automated targets

Ben explains three subtle new features that were uploaded at various points during late December / January 2017, including two new payroll frequencies, a client specific target setting action and route specific widgets for tax job progress.
5 January 2017

What is the pool screen?

Our pool feature is especially useful for larger teams that allocate work on a flexible basis. In today’s video Glide co-founder Ben Norwell explains exactly how to make the most of this valuable feature.
2 January 2017

Learn how to use the job report screen

In today’s video we have a short explanation on how to use the job reporting screen. This is where you can see at a glance a list of the jobs on your Glide system. Extensive filters are available to specifically […]
30 December 2016

What do we mean by ‘workflow’? – allow us to explain

Workflow is a generalised term that can mean many things. At Glide, we’re proud to offer arguably the most in-depth workflow engine available on the market today. Workflow and process management is at the heart of everything Glide does. We […]
27 December 2016

Exploring the ‘client card’ in Glide

Join Ben Norwell, Glide’s co-founder, to learn about the client card screen in Glide. Ben goes into detail explaining each part of the screen and how it helps you manage your client data efficiently and effectively.