26 June 2018
New filters

Powerful new options for Glide’s E-mail and SMS alerts. [New feature]

  We are pleased to release a series of new features for our alerts that have been highly requested since the initial launch of alerts. As […]
11 September 2017

Credit notes come to Glide Time [New feature]

For those using Glide Time and particularly those that maintain work in progress balances within the system we are pleased to announce that we have today […]
12 July 2017

Accountants….. what are the benefits of combining workflow control with the staff planner?

A noticeable trend is underway. With the emergence of more and more cloud based applications to help Accountants manage their practices the principal of searching for […]
10 July 2017
Image of planner meeting

[Blog] A recap on how Accountants boost practice profitability via the staff planner.

For 12 years my professional life was largely controlled by a single, colourful spreadsheet known as ‘the staff planner’. It mapped out where my colleagues and […]
26 June 2017

[New feature] Template driven e-mail and SMS automation comes to Glide along with multiple contacts

Overview: Glide’s e-mail and SMS sending features have been radically upgraded, now offering the ability to create templates that include fields representing all of the data […]
30 April 2017
Google Drive

Store documents with Glide

We are very pleased to announce that our integration with Google Drive is now live, providing a way to store documents and files against your Glide clients, jobs and users.
26 January 2017

Glide Scheduler Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of Glide Scheduler, a visual staff allocation system fully integrated with Glide.
25 January 2017

New workflow frequencies for payroll + client specific automated targets

Ben explains three subtle new features that were uploaded at various points during late December / January 2017, including two new payroll frequencies, a client specific target setting action and route specific widgets for tax job progress.
5 January 2017

What is the pool screen?

Our pool feature is especially useful for larger teams that allocate work on a flexible basis. In today’s video Glide co-founder Ben Norwell explains exactly how […]
2 January 2017

Learn how to use the job report screen

In today’s video we have a short explanation on how to use the job reporting screen. This is where you can see at a glance a […]
30 December 2016

What do we mean by ‘workflow’? – allow us to explain

Workflow is a generalised term that can mean many things. At Glide, we’re proud to offer arguably the most in-depth workflow engine available on the market […]
27 December 2016

Exploring the ‘client card’ in Glide

Join Ben Norwell, Glide’s co-founder, to learn about the client card screen in Glide. Ben goes into detail explaining each part of the screen and how […]